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Nursefriendly Notes E-zine, Volume 6, Issue 1, May 2004

Hello Everyone,

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New and updated on the Nurse Friendly!

  1. Clinical Nursing Case Studies, http://www.nursefriendly.com/cases/
    -----Extravasation Follows Chemotherapy Administration. Potential Complication or Nursing Negligence

  2. Nurses Views of The Nursing Profession, http://www.nursefriendly.com/views
    -----Nursing: How Do I Find Out If It's For Me? by Angela Eichenlaub, RN, BSN
    -----To Be…Or Not To Be… by Sharon Jones, RN
    -----Twenty Years of Nursing by James E. Meekins

  3. Nursing Jokes & Humor, http://www.nursinghumor.com
    -----Everything He Needs, Divorce Jokes, Gallows Humor
    -----Heart Transplant, Organ Donation Jokes
    -----Mating Bulls, Battle of The Sexes Jokes
    -----How Cats Are Like Women, Animal Jokes
    -----Skipping Meals, Blonde Jokes, Dieting Humor

  4. Inspirational Poems, Touching Stories, http://www.nursefriendly.com/inspiration/
    -----Grow Great By Dreams
    -----Sleeping Through The Storm
    -----Don't Ever
    -----Heaven's Special Child
    -----Rescue 52, by Cheryl Lassiter

  5. Nursing Entrepreneur Directories, New Registrations, http://www.nursingentrepreneurs.com/new
    -----Kirk Herbert, RN, CLNC, Herbert & Associates, http://www.nursingexperts.com/azclnc/
    -----LeaRae Keyes, RN, BSN, PHN, CDMS, CCM, Nurse Entrepreneur Network, http://www.nursingentreprneurs.com/keyes/
    -----Gerry A. Kinjorski, BS, RN, CLNC, Aidant Research Nurses, Inc., http://www.nursingexperts.com/aidant/

  6. Direct Patient Care (Bedside Nursing) Links
    Critical Care Nurses, http://www.nursefriendly.com/cc/
    Drug Addictions, Substance Abuse Nurses, http://www.nursefriendly.com/addictions/
    -----Young Adults Educating Responsible Drinking (YAERD)
    Flight Nursing, http://www.nursefriendly.com/fl ight/
    -----Acute Care Nurse Practitioner: Flight Nursing Program
    Intravenous (IV) & Infusion Drug Therapy Links, http://www.intravenousnursing.com
    -----Extravasation, Vesicant Infiltrations, Complications of Intraveous (IV) Therapy

    Sexually Transmitted Diseases STDs, http://www.nursefriendly.com/stds/
    -----Herpes Virus, Genital, Oral Warts, http://www.nursefriendly.com/herpes
    -----Multiple Sclerosis, MS Support Organizations, http://www.nursingms.com/support/

  7. Prescription Drugs, Medications, http://www.prescriptionforviagra.com
    -----Identification (Pills, Drugs), Prescription Drugs, Medications, http://www.prescriptionforviagra.com/id/
    -----Amaryl (Glimepiride), Diabetic Medications
    -----Chlorpropamide (Diabinese), Diabetic Medications
    -----Diabeta (Glyburide), Diabetic Medications

    Nursing Uniforms, Scrubs, http://www.4nursinguniforms.com
    -----Tafford Manufacturing
    -----Uniform Lab, Inc.
    -----Uniforms' Etc
    -----Uniforms Scrubs Etc.

    Nursing Unions, Organized Labor, http://www.nursefriendly.com/unions/


Clinical Nursing Case Studies, http://www.nursingcasestudy.com/

Extravasation Follows Chemotherapy Administration. Potential Complication or Nursing Negligence:
Iacano v. St. Peter's Medical Center, 334 N. j. Super. 547 – NJ (2000)
Summary: Intravenous therapy has inherent risks and potential complications. When you introduce chemotherapeutic drugs and known vesicants, those risks increase dramatically. In this case, a known risk, extravasation, occurred following administration. The question arises, could the nurses have acted sooner to prevent the extravasation and resulting tissue damage.


Nurses Views of The Nursing Profession (Would You Recommend It?), http://www.nursefriendly.com/views/

Nursing: How Do I Find Out If It's For Me? by Angela Eichenlaub, RN, BSN:"The face of nursing has changed" or "Nursing is not what it used to be" are phrases I often hear from seasoned staff. I wish I knew what nursing "used to be" so I could compare! My own personal advice to anyone considering a career in nursing is to take your reason for entering the profession into account. Some go into nursing for money, some because they have always wanted to and some people go into nursing because they don't know what else to do."

To Be…Or Not To Be… by Sharon Jones, RN, Ohio Nurses Views of The Nursing Profession:"To Be…Or Not To Be… was never the question for me. I had always been a caretaker of sorts even at a very young age. The decision to return to work was based more on a career that I could relate to and be employed at. To be it was… and I started school at a local college for a Registered Nurse program. Almost two years into school, all my pre- req. courses completed and a waiting list to get into the nursing classes (a very unbelievable thing looking back- too many students- many had to wait) forced me to change course of action that lead to LPN school."

Twenty Years of Nursing by James E. Meekins, North Carolina Nursing Views:"Thirty years ago I walked into the Navy recruiters office; laid off, without a real skill and signed up to be a Navy Hospital Corpsman (medic). I learned basic patient care---and basic first aid; and learned to work under the direction of a physician or nurse. I enjoyed what I did, the pride of being part of a team; accomplishment of a common goal, first aid in the field with Marines, or care of a patient in the hospital. . . ."

Choose Nurses Views by State: Alabama, California, Florida, Indiana, Louisiana, Michigan, Missouri, New Jersey, New York State, North Carolina, Pennsylvania Tennessee, Texas, Virginia
http://www.nursefriendly.com/views/ ************************************************************

Nursing Jokes & Humor: http://www.nursinghumor.com

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Our Newest Jokes:

Everything He Needs, Divorce Jokes, Gallows Humor:


Mating Bulls, Battle of The Sexes Jokes, Marriage Humor


How Cats Are Like Women, Animal Jokes, Pet Humor:


Heart Transplant, Organ Donation Jokes, Medical Humor:


Skipping Meals, Blonde Jokes, Dieting Humor:


Inspirational Poems, Touching Stories

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Grow Great By Dreams, Inspirational Poems, Touching Stories:


Sleeping Through The Storm, Inspirational Poems, Touching Stories:


Don't Ever, Inspirational Poems, Touching Stories:


Excuse This House, Inspirational Poems, Touching Stories:


Heaven's Special Child, Inspirational Poems, Touching Stories:


Rescue 52, by Cheryl Lassiter

More Like this: http://www.nursefriendly.com/inspiration


Department & Specialty Nursing:

Ryan Partridge, RN, Florida (FL) Nurses
Specialties: Medical Surgical, Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) Nurses:


Nursing Entrepreneurs, Nurse-Owned Businesses:

Kirk Herbert, RN, CLNC, Herbert & Associates, Arizona Legal Nurse Consultants, LNCs:"Herbert & Associates is a Legal Nurse Consulting firm specializing in Medical Malpractice. Our firm will assist you in all aspects of a Medical Malpractice case Plaintiff or Defense. We will perform an initial case review for merit, identify all defendants, address Standards of Care issues, identify necessary expert witnesses, assist with the acquisition of the expert witnesses, and develop reports ranging from a simple brief to a comprehensive report including chronologies."



LeaRae Keyes, RN, BSN, PHN, CDMS, CCM, Nurse Entrepreneur Network, Minnesota Nursing Entrepreneurs:The network provides online and telephonic training, networking, and coaching. Our focus is to provide marketing and business solutions for nurse entrepreneurs so they can succeed and prosper. We also strive to foster an environment of sharing and support amoung our members."
Categories: Associations for Entrepreneurs, Case Management, Coaching, Education, Home Health Care, Nurse-Owned Business.


Gerry A. Kinjorski, BS, RN, CLNC, Aidant Research Nurses, Inc., Florida Nursing Entrepreneurs:"Aidant Research Nurses, Inc., is a legal nurse consulting firm that serves the patient-client and the attorney. If you have questions concerning negligence or medical-malpractice, personal injury or assault, toxic tort, worker's comp or any medical injury you may need Aidant."



Critical Care Nurses:
http://www.nursefriendly.com/cc/ CCRN-CEN-Central:"Offers review questions for the CEN exam and helpful links for the CCRN and CEN tests."
Contact_person(s): Fay
1055 Elaine St., Beaumont, TX 77706
409-866-9840, E-Mail: = faybigelow@yahoo.com


Drug Addictions, Substance Abuse Nurses, http://www.nursefriendly.com/addictions/ mentalhealthlawyers.com:"The site includes many free articles and training materials written by me on general subjects such as the principles of mental health legislation, the principles of risk management, personality disorder and the law, mental health policy and ethics, and independent health service inquiries. These were originally published in journals such as the Princeton University Law Review and the Journal of Forensic Psychiatry. The free downloads are intended to be of help to academics, practitioners, students and trainers. My qualifications are that I am both a professor of mental health law and a practising lawyer. I am ranked 1 in the mental health section of our main legal directory of the legal profession and also have an entry in the American Who's Who. I was nominated for a Nobel Prize following the publication of my legal textbook on English mental health law."
Professor Anselm Eldergill
Solicitors Chambers 169 Malden Road London NW5 4HT United Kingdom
Send an e-mail Tel: 020 7284 1006 x28 Mob: 0797 119 8742 Fax: 020 7916 2553 email: medicolegal@email.com


YAERD:YAERD is an organization that was setup to help young adults educate EVERYONE about the dangers of drinking and driving. Alcohol related crashes take over 17,000 lives a year and many of those are teenagers. You will find that this site contains all the latest facts and information about drinking and driving, underage drinking, alcoholism, and many other alcohol related topics. This organization is run completely on donations and we appreciate all the contributions and support."
YAERD Headquarters:
5626 Sixth Street Pittsburgh PA 15236
Tel.: 412-980.9385 Fax.: 412.291.3141 e-mail: PLaboon@saveabuddy.com



Flight Nursing, http://www.nursefriendly.com/fl ight/

Acute Care Nurse Practitioner: Flight Nursing Program, Case Western Reserve University:"The Flight Nursing Program builds on CWRU's pioneering acute care nurse practitioner (ACNP) program."
Case Western Reserve University
Cleveland, Ohio 44106
216.368.2000, cmanacci@metrohealth.org


Extravasation, Vesicant Infiltrations, Complications of Intraveous (IV) Therapy:
http://www.nur sefriendly.com/extravasation

What is Extravasation? National Extravasation Information Service (UK), (Includes pictures, photographs):"The leakage of intravenous drugs from the vein into the surrounding tissue.(1) Extravasation injury usually refers to the damage caused by leakage of solutions from the vein to the surrounding tissue spaces during intravenous administration. Once an extravasation has occurred, damage can continue for months and involve nerves, tendons and joints. If treatment is delayed, surgical debridement, skin grafting, and even amputation may be the unfortunate consequences.(2)"
Mr A Stanley, Principal Oncology Pharmacist
St Chad's Unit, Dudley Road Hospital
Birmingham B18 7QH.


  • Nursing Uniforms, Scrubs

    Scrublab.com:"At Scrublab.com we offer the lowest prices at all possible on all our medical and nurses uniforms and scrub sets. We can do this because we specialize in just nurses uniforms and scrubs. All our nurses uniforms, scrubs and uniform products are listed in our web site. Our product availability is 95 % to 100 % at any given time. Our nurses uniforms are available in a 31 colors which will accommodate most hospital dress codes. We also provide nurses uniforms and scrub sets for most out patient clinics, doctor's offices, laboratories, nursing homes and nursing schools. All our uniform products are professionally made and tailored for comfort. Our quality nurses uniforms and scrub sets are made for top quality 65/35 preshrunk poly/cotton fabric. If you are looking for a reliable source of medical nurses uniforms and scrub sets, don't look any further. All our merchandise is fully quaranteed, just return them for full refund if you are not completely satisfied. We offer secure on line shopping."
    530 Sheen Street Summerside, Prince Edward Island, C1N 1P1 Canada
    1 (866) 477-3646, CM@scrublab.com


    Tafford Manufacturing:"Tafford Manufacturing was founded in 1986 on the premise that medical uniforms could incorporate some of the style, comfort and individuality of sportswear and still function in a professional, fast-pace work environment. Since that bold start we have evolved from a small mail order house into the medical uniform industry's leader in service, style and innovation. We pride ourselves on our responsiveness to the needs of the contemporary medical professional, as well as our on-going endeavor to provide our customers with the very latest in apparel options."
    Customer Service - Tafford Mfg
    104 Park Drive PO Box 1001 Montgomeryville, Pa 18936
    customerservice@tafford.com, 1-800-697-3321, Fax: 215-643-4922


    Uniform Lab, Inc.:"Full On-Line Catalog of Medical Uniforms by Barco, Disney, White Swan, Meta. Medical instruments/accessories by leading manufacturers, Littmann, Riester, Prestige Medical. Nurse shoes by Klogs USA and Easy Soft. Variety of Lab Coats in various colors, styles, lengths. Medical scrubs from various manufacturers, choose by price, color, style. Discount nurse shoes by Easy Soft air comfort system, genuine leather, discounted at $29.99. Please call for group discounts. Fast & Free shipping with purchase of $75. Please visit us at UniformLab.com for new merchandise and clearance sales."
    Uniform Lab, Inc.
    1401 Avenue Z, Brooklyn, NY 11235, USA
    Tel. 1-888-863-0700 Fax 1-718-332-5110 contact@uniformlab.com


    Uniforms' Etc:"Uniforms Etc. LLC provides uniforms & accessories for Nursing, Law Enforcement, Firefighters, and Emergency Medical Personnel. We also offer custom embroidery and monogramming, with over 15,000 stock embroidery designs available, screen printing, & custom patch design."
    302 West Broadway Fulton, NY 13069 Phone: 315-592-4117 Fax: 315-592-4118 Toll Free: 800-574-8248


    Uniforms Scrubs Etc.:"Uniforms Scrubs Etc. is a retail distributor of Cherokee uniforms and scrubs. We offer only top quality Cherokee uniforms and scrubs at very reasonable prices. Cherokee has been well-known for comfort and fashion since 1972. Cherokee products incorporate style, personality and functionality. Their uniforms and scrubs are constructed with generous and consistent fits."
    Uniforms Scrubs Etc.
    2361 Newgate Drive Decatur, Georgia 30035 - 2421
    Telephone: 404.288.8554 Fax: 404.288.0495



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