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Legal Nurse Consultants Specializing in Standard of Care Issues:

Darlene Norton, RN, CLNC, Verum Dictum, Inc., Michigan Legal Nurse Consultants:"Legal Nurse Consulting in the areas of: Medical Malpractice, Personal Injury, Toxic Tort and Environmental, Criminal, Products Liability and Class Action Suits."
964 Sugarbush Lane Beulah, Michigan 49617

Contact person: Darleen Norton, President
Phone number: (231) 590-3123
E-mail Address: NurseNorton@hotmail.com


Kathryn Spilker RN, BSN, LNC, Lifeline Medical/Legal Consulting L.L.C.:"As Legal Nurse Consultants, we use our nursing experience, and knowledge of legal issues in preparing cases related to health care issues. Screen cases for merit, prepare chronologies, summaries, timelines and analysis of the medical records. Identify standards of care, causation issues, locate experts, research and review medical data and literature. Assist attorneys with all aspects of discovery and trial preparation. The success of your medically related cases relies on qualified, detailed, and accurate assessment of the facts.
3034 Ridgetop Ct., St. Peters, Missouri 63376
E-Mail: educate5@verizon.net

Homepage Address: http://www.nursingentrepreneurs.com/spilker/

Clinical Experience: Home Health, Mother/Baby, well baby, Neonatal Intensive Care Nursing, Special Care Nursery, Pediatrics

Specialty Areas: Criminal Justice, Legal Nurse Consultants, Medical Malpractice, Nursing Experts, Personal Injury, Standards of Care, Workers Compensation, Toxic Torts, Wrongful Death ******************************************************


Standards of care for younger women with breast cancer, Breast Cancer Care:"As a younger woman with breast cancer you may find yourself facing a number of issues and concerns that are different to those experienced by older women. Breast Cancer Care has developed standards of care for younger women to make sure your specialist needs are not overlooked during treatment. These standards provide information about key issues you may want to discuss with the health professionals involved in your breast cancer treatment and care. They also advise on the kind of information and support you should be given access to as a younger woman with breast cancer."
Breast Cancer Care
Kiln House
210 New Kings Road London SW6 4NZ
or calling our main switchboard on 020 7384 2984.


Standards Of Medical Care For Older People, British Geriatrics Society:"This document describes the British Geriatrics Society's recommendations for standards of care for specialist services for older people and those with whom they work. It is envisaged the document will be of value to health professionals, primary care groups, NHS managers, general practitioners and voluntary agencies, in addition to geriatricians, old age psychiatrists and specialist registrars."
Marjory Warren House
31 St John's Square,
London, EC1M 4DN,
United Kingdom
Telephone: +44 (207) 608 1369 Facsimile: +44 (207) 608 1041


Standards of Medical Care for Patients With Diabetes Mellitus, American Diabetes Association:"Diabetes is a chronic illness that requires continuing medical care and patient self-management education to prevent acute complications and to reduce the risk of long-term complications. Diabetes care is complex and requires that many issues, beyond glycemic control, be addressed. A large body of evidence exists that supports a range of interventions to improve diabetes outcomes. These standards of care are intended to provide clinicians, patients, researchers, payers, and other interested persons with the components of diabetes care, treatment goals, and tools to evaluate the quality of care. While individual preferences, comorbidities, and other patient factors may require modification of goals, targets that are desirable for most patients with diabetes are provided. These standards are not intended to preclude more extensive evaluation and management of the patient by other specialists as needed. For more detailed information, refer to Skyler (Ed.): Medical Management of Type 1 Diabetes (1) and Zimmerman (Ed.): Medical Management of Type 2 Diabetes (2)."
Diabetes Care Editorial Office 6919 E. Tenth St., Suite B-2 Indianapolis, IN 46219
E-mail: DiabetesCare@diabetes.org
Phone: (317) 354-1508 Fax: (317) 354-8379


Mental Health Standards of Care, California Coalition For Ethical Mental Health Care:"On December 10, 1998, editors of USA Today, in the "Our View" section, charged that the treatment guidelines which drive most HMO coverage decisions "aren't grounded in science but are cookbook recipes" designed to minimize HMO expenditures. The guidelines set standards for the length of hospital stays for various conditions, including mental disorders, and criteria for tests and medical procedures. In response, under the heading "Another View," Dr. James Schibanoff, director of clinical guidelines research at Milliman & Robertson, Inc., the company that publishes and sells treatment guidelines to managed care companies, defended their product."
P.O. Box 3977 Oakland, CA 94609
(650) 967-0509, RuthCliff@aol.com


CHI STANDARDS OF HOSPICE CARE FOR CHILDREN, Children's Hospice International:"Principle: Children with life-threatening illnesses and their families have special needs. Hospice services for children and their families offer developmentally appropriate palliative and supportive care to any child with a life-threatening condition in any appropriate setting. Children are admitted to hospice services without regard for diagnosis, gender, race, creed, handicap, age, or ability to pay."
Children's Hospice International
901 North Pitt St. Suite 230
Alexandria, VA 22314
1-800-2-4-CHILD, 703-684-0330


Standards of Care for Gender Identity Disorders, The Harry Benjamin International Gender Dysphoria Association's:"The Purpose of the Standards of Care. The major purpose of the Standards of Care (SOC) is to articulate this international organization's professional consensus about the psychiatric, psychological, medical, and surgical management of gender identity disorders. Professionals may use this document to understand the parameters within which they may offer assistance to those with these conditions. Persons with gender identity disorders, their families, and social institutions may use the SOC to understand the current thinking of professionals. All readers should be aware of the limitations of knowledge in this area and of the hope that some of the clinical uncertainties will be resolved in the future through scientific investigation."


Health Law Standards of Care for Transsexualism, Health Law Project:"These new Standards of care were developed and adopted by consensus after a two year period by the Health Law Project of the International Conference on Transgender Law and Employment Policy. The Health Law Project's membership includes professionals in the fields of law, health care policy, and gender science, most of whom are transgendered themselves. The Health Law Standards of Care were developed in the wake of widespread dissatisfaction by many in the transgender community with the Harry Benjamin Standards of Care. Also relevant is the pending de-listing of transsexualism per se as a mental disorder from the DSM-IV. Many, if not most, of the patients doctors see for gender medical services (hormones; surgery) do not require any psychological services."
Martine Aliana Rothblatt, Director
Health Law Project
1718 Rhode Island Ave., NW #333 Washington, DC 20036
Fax 301 495-8987


Medical Experts & Establish Standards of Care in Malpractice Cases, Lectric Law Library:"The courts have delegated the setting of professional standards to members of the various professions. This is in contrast to the standards for nonprofessional skills, such as driving a car. The legislature establishes the rules of the road, and a lay juror is deemed capable of determining when they have been violated. In contrast, legislatures do not adopt detailed standards for professional practice. Medical practice standards are drawn from the customs and behavior of the members of the profession. If the profession has developed documents that reflect a consensus on how the profession is to be practiced, these documents will set the standard for judging individual transgressions."


Assuring Cultural Competence in Health Care: Recommendations for National Standards and an Outcomes-Focused Research Agenda, Office of Minority Health Resource Center:"This project makes recommendations for national standards for culturally and linguistically appropriate services (CLAS) in health care. Based on an analytical review of key laws, regulations, contracts, and standards currently in use by federal and state agencies and other national organizations, these standards were developed with input from a national advisory committee of policymakers, health care providers, and researchers. Each standard is accompanied by commentary that addresses the proposed guideline's relationship to existing laws and standards, and offers recommendations for implementation and oversight to providers, policymakers, and advocates."
Office of Minority Health Resource Center
P.O. Box 37337, Washington, D.C. 20013-7337
Toll Free: 1-800-444-6472 / Fax: 301-251-2160


Setting Standards in Medical Practice, The Royal College of Physicians:"The Royal College of Physicians aims to ensure high quality care for patients by improving standards and influencing policy and practice in modern medicine. It sets standards for clinical practice, conducts examinations, defines and monitors education and training programmes for physicians, supports doctors in their practice of medicine, and advises the Government, public and the profession on healthcare issues. It has over 11,000 Fellows worldwide."
The Royal College of Physicians,
11 St Andrews Place, Regent's Park, London NW1 4LE
Main Switchboard: 020 7935 1174 Main Fax: 020 7487 5218


Health Law Standards of Care for Transsexualism, International Conference on Transgender Law and Employment Policy, Inc. Transgender.com:"Health Law Standards of Care for Transsexualism first adopted at the 2nd International Conference on Transgender Law and Employment Policy, August 1993 in Houston, Texas, U.S.A. Principle 1. Transsexualism is an ancient and persistent part of human experience and is not in itself a medical illness or mental disorder. Transsexualism is a desire to change the expression of one's gender identity."
Comments to: Martine Aliana Rothblatt, Esq., Director Health Law Project ICTLEP, Inc.
1718 Rhode Island Ave., NW #333, Washington, DC 20036 FAX: (301) 495-8987



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